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Useful Info

CLICK HERE to check out what jobs opportunities are available in Newfoundland and Labrador.

CLICK HERE to learn how you can apply for a student loan to complete the program of your choice.

Main Office – St. John’s
Tel: 1-709-729-5849
Toll Free: 1-888-657-0800
Fax: 1-709-729-2298


Know Your Rights

CLICK HERE to check out the Landlord Tenants Act of NL.

CLICK HERE to check out Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn that the landlord isn't to enter your premise without 24 notice, nor increase the rent during the term of a signed lease and more.

Free Online Courses

Try Out New Interests

Check out these linked websites to try out easy online courses that can help you explore new interests!

edX | alison | coursera | futurelearn | khan academy | udemy | lifehack | iTunes U

Create A Professional Email

Because You Out Grew

Visit Google and create a professional email. Having a professional looking email will look better for job applications, school and scholarship applications.

Best to use your first and last name:

If this isn't available, try a middle initial:

Click on this link to bring you to the government website where you can obtain your final high school diplo

CLICK HERE to find out how you can access a career counselor for free from the government's services.

Telephone: (709) 729-2480

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