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Where To Go?

So, you are in high school and you have no idea what comes next. You are not alone!

Being in high school, but having to try to figure out what comes next is not an easy task. Maybe someone in your class has been drawing designs for years and know they want to do architectural engineering, perhaps one of your friends will go into nursing because they have always wanted to care for others.

Then, when you evaluate your options you feel confused. You like fixing the car with your father, cooking with your grandmother, and enjoy Choir, Math and English classes. So, where does this leave you? You could look at what your family members are doing, or you could ask your friends what they can see you doing for the rest of your life, but ultimately, it is your decision.

Take a look at the Spotlight page to read some advice from young professionals. You will quickly see that there are some who knew exactly what they wanted to do and geared their academic path toward that, and then there were others who explored different options before settling into their careers. Also, take a look at our YouTube channel, After High School Advice for a video of the creator's academic journey.

No way is the "right" way, always remember that! Just explore what your interests are, what your talents are and what job options those match up with both your talents and interests. Exploring is not a bad thing, but it would help if you did a little research to help with your exploration. That research starts here!

Take a look around the website to see what training options are available here in Newfoundland. Every post-secondary program offered in Newfoundland will be found on this site. If you would like to see advice from young professionals check out the Spotlight page! You will see that some knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and worked toward their goal, while others explored before finally settling into their careers. If finances worry you, check out the Scholarship page, and if you are interested in learning how your personality translates to a career ambition according to profiling, try out Career/Personality Tests! If you are just looking for more information on anything post-secondary related, check out our Resources page and our Blog will feature new posts each week about all things After High School Related.

Also, check out our YouTube channel After High School Advice for informational videos on life after high school!

Good luck and feel free to reach out with any questions on our Contact page.

Ms. Garland

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